My name is Jennifer Wiecek and I founded this company with a few interests at heart.  At JWS Property, we want to help people who have property problems or lack the financial capabilities to do it themselves. With our help, we will clean up the community of vacant homes and revitalize those neighborhoods. We want to give back to those people who work hard for their has a families or just staring one.

Real Estate Appraiser
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My name is Jennifer Wiecek and I had kind of rough going up. I grew up with a hearing disability. I had to go to speech classes to learn how to speak and communicate with the people around me.  So I had more challenges to rise above during my schooling in comparison to other kids.  I think that is why I excel today, with all of the hard work I've done will pay off in the end.  I push harder than anyone else, even when you don't think anyone is watching you. I still deal with these challenges today and that is why I want to help people. I believe there maybe someone like me, that just needs a helping hand.